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a true love affair

Anna and I went out to Dinosaur BBQ (http://www.dinosaurbarbque.com/nycIndex.php) last night after talking about it and talking about it forever, and it was so good! I'm only disapointed we've been sitting on our lilly-white asses all this time with that gem sitting down the road waiting for us (it's at 127th + 12th ave near Fairway). We had: fried green tomatoes, deviled eggs, wings, bbq ribs, collards, mac/cheese, corn bread, boiled shrimp, and key lime pie. All of these are fairly par for the course for a southern restaurant in NY, but the good thing was was that all of the items (except maybe the collards which were 'vegetarian friendly' and had no hocks or necks to add flavor. pshaw) tasted wonderful. You should go. We should go.

The only annoying part was this young (late 20s, early 30s) straight, white couple sitting next to us. They both seemed fairly professional (in that way that they looked boring and didn't have anything interesting to say) and I could tell that their night out at Dinosaur BBQ was their Official Let's Pretend to be Casual Night!--like it seemed very forced. They kept talking about the southern food in this really annoying way that most yankees do, where they would read something off the menu in a bad southern drawl and then laugh at themselves and at the hilarity of actually the food they were about to eat. The worst part was when dude gets his plate of food and picks up his fried green tomato and says "What is this, a potato latke?"

What the fuck...
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