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I've Been Found

I think I made up for not having a telephone for however-long-that-was by talking on the motherfucker for what I swear feels like 24 hours straight. On that end, I would like to paint the pretty picture for you of me doing laundry and still managing to keep conversations going (alternately) with Angelina and my mom--basically it was all about me bounding around with a huge bag of clothes and still managing to hold the phone to my ear; it was also all about people in the laundromat being all in my mouth (southern speak for they were eavesdropping) and me trying to be extra witty and give them something to take home with their panties and their hoes.

I am also excited to report that I have a phone date scheduled with my beloved bff Blue in less than an hour! Aside from the fact that I always think about her (ever since I met her that day in French I and she passed me that note about the bearded ladies in her dream) and wish that she was with me forever and ever, I got really anxious last night when I realized that we're on this path where it looks like we only see each other around Christmas when we're both in Winston, already feeling overwhelmed and bloated from the filial festivities. I feel the sudden urge to fill up this space with stories about blue, but I think I'll hold all that excitement and energy in and pour it out over the phone--I'll be sure to report back. Anyone want to fly with me to Los Angeles to pay a visit?

Okay, so my apologies for drawing myself in a bit and not socializing so much in this early part of the week--I'm trying to readjust to a life where Im in school and working full time job while still trying to generally open up more and more. So, I feel the need to clear things (and people) out of my life and dry up some as well (meaning I have to transition away from drinking beer and eating bad food everyday cos-it's-summer). I promise to at least be at karaoke Thursday and then we should play it by ear from there. I think in honor of last fall (and wasn't it an *interesting one) we should have a hootenanny on my roof sometime real soon--what do you think?

There's plenty more to say--I never update anymore. Mostly I'm feeling a lot of things fairly clearly for once (and still feeling muddled about others....) and one of those things is my relationship with my family which I'm realizing, as much as I adore most of them, will never be truly healthy, fair, or respectful in any sustainable sort of way.
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