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learn to cry

I found a live chicken hanging out on the rocks in my park this morning! How in the hell does a Chicken make it to the shores of the East River? I didn't know what to do. Some park-goer was having a conniption fit over the chicken and actually called 911! And she was surprised that they didn't give a shit! Dramatic! She didn't seem to appreciate my comment that now that I eat chicken, it would be sort of stupid for me to care too much about its safety. So, it's still there if any of y'all wanna see it. Some dude took some photos of it and promised to email me, so if that happens I'll post them here.

Louisa called yesterday at 7.30 and said she, my mom, and Steve (step-father) had found super cheap tickets to NYC, so they arrive today at like 4pm and fly out Monday at 7pm. I'm really excited to see them (especially the little brat), but with such short notice I feel like I'm not ready (like my room is still littered with: wigs, bloody kitchen utensils, condoms, dresses, my new knife, and crumpled-up Bible pages strewn about).

I am feeling really anxious all of a sudden. There are a few specific reasons I think this might be so, but outside of that this fucking weather is not helping. It's no fun always anticipating a huge storm.. After leaving CLAGS at 10:30 last night, I stood in the rain listening to Leonard Cohen and feeling really overwhelmed and immobile. I don't know what the fuck is going on (and at the same time I might), but I'm not shaking it. Let's just say my plate is getting too full and I'm worried about my little black heart exploding as a result.

I'm sad I have to miss Kate and Leigh's party tonight. I'll make it up some other time.

Kate where are yer pictures from my Cotillion?
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